01 VPN-as-a-Service

NEV Elastic Private Line (EPL) gives service providers the ability to deliver VPN services, with end-to-end encryption, over existing access lines.

Traditional secure networking technologies (VPNs, MPLS, IPsec, SD-WAN, etc.) operate at layer 3, or the network layer. As businesses demand more agility and as applications share more data across clouds, networks, and applications,however, a layer-3 approach becomes less than optimal and creates performance bottlenecks.

In contrast, NEV supports layer 2 VPNs, which has a number of advantages, including:

Fast deployment

Increased performance due to a data-first approach

Ability to provide SLAs

Easier management (customers can change routing policies without carrier intervention)

Simple, centralized troubleshooting

NEV gives service providers and enterprises the ability to deliver Layer 2 (L2) VPN-as-a-Service over existing access lines, complete with physical isolation of resources and the ability to offer different tiers of service over the same line.

Subscribers may sign up for the service on demand, with no operator intervention. NEV-enabled VPN services provide end-to-end encryption and support for MAC-based authentication to prevent spoofing attacks.

02 Cloud Connectivity

As more applications and services migrate to the cloud, centralized cloud content architectures are emerging. Today, those centralized architectures tend to be vendor- and cloud-specific and don’t necessarily share data well with other clouds, architectures, and applications.

To eliminate those obstacles, Algoblu has developed a connection-oriented L2 service that provides different classes of QoS for different use cases. Versus accessing the cloud via the public, shared, best-effort Internet, L2 connections provide secure, reliable, high-performance access directly to cloud service providers’ and SaaS providers’ platforms.

Algoblu NEV services provide dedicated L2 connections to enterprise cloud applications and platforms, such as WebEx, Zoom, Salesforce, AWS, and Azure, significantly improving the end-user experience. To support today’s rich-media applications, NEV-powered networks bypass the public Internet to provide extremely high-quality connections to cloud services with low latency, zero packet loss, and less than 0.1ms jitter.

03 Network Slicing

As both consumer and enterprise applications become more data-hungry,bandwidth-dependent, and time-sensitive, carriers and service providers need to find cost-effective ways to maximize existing infrastructure. NEV network virtualization technology makes it possible to supercharge existing networks, isolating pieces of the underlying carrier network to create resource-independent sliced networks with different SLAs.

With NEV Network Slicing, carriers and service providers can now deliver multiple services simultaneously over existing access lines. Each service has its own resources and dedicated QoS guarantees for such variables as bandwidth, latency, packet-loss ratio, and jitter.

For residential customers, NEV Network Slicing allows them to use their existing broadband connections to access multiple cloud services. Over a single access line, residential users can use multiple network slices to carry specific application traffic, such as Netflix, iCloud, or Zoom.

For business customer, NEV Network Slicing allows them to dedicate individual slices to specific purposes or departments, such as carving out one slice for the finance departments and another to monitor the factory floor.

04 Gaming

The popularity of online video gaming has soared during the global COVID-19 pandemic – so much so that analysts predict the global online gaming market will reach $25 billion by 2025.

To reach those lofty heights, however, consumers need consistent, high-quality, low-latency bandwidth. NEV Application Broadband provides isolated virtual private L2 connections over regular home broadband, supporting multi-tiered services with independent SLAs.

Now, gamers can subscribe to application-aware virtual private lines that come with strict SLAs, all over existing broadband connections. NEV Application Broadband establishes point-to-point private connections from home gaming consoles to cloud-based gaming servers. The virtual private lines feature an extremely high-quality connection with low latency, zero packet loss, and less than 0.1ms jitter.

05 Industrial IoT

Massive numbers of IoT devices have been deployed across the economy in a variety of industries to help enterprises collect data and monitor hard-to-access environments.

To function properly, many IoT use cases demand low-latency, highly secure, and extremely reliable network connections. Moreover, to act on real-time data, use cases such as troubleshooting and quality control require steady data transmission to remote/centralized control systems, so organization can act on data insights in a timely manner.

NEV gives cloud service providers the ability to integrate NEV’s core functionality into cloud and/or desktop applications. NEV provides secure end-to-end connections from each IoT device to centralize service platforms and servers, physically isolating each channel and adhering to strict SLAs.

With Algoblu NEV, enterprises can create point-to-point L2 connections, with guaranteed SLAs, supporting such advanced use cases as monitoring oil and gas rigs, smart campuses, building security and environmental controls, and much more.