In order to meet the needs of users who want more convenient services and personalized products, today's financial industry has spawned many new financial services and pan-financial business models through deep integration with the Internet and financial technology. All of this makes the traditional financial network that supports the upper-level business face enormous challenges:

■ Fast-growing service network coverage

■ Inefficient use of the network

■ Business transmission is not graded and optimized, resulting in waste of resources

■ Security and policy management issues brought by the growth of platform business

In response to the requirements of financial institutions for business continuity support in the new business model, we built an agile, flexible, highly available and manageable SD-WAN financial network based on patented technologies.


This solution brings the following significant benefits to financial customers:

■ Significantly increase bandwidth utilization

■ Can quickly deploy sites

■ Upgrade a large number of remote devices in a matter of hours

■ Traffic level management for business

■ Provide management capabilities for agile operations

■ Business continuity and reliability are enhanced


In the case of business transformation and traffic demands, manufacturing companies have the following major challenges:

■ The connection between multiple upstream and downstream and manufacture coordination points in the supply chain is difficult to expand, and the cost is high

■ Unable to use bandwidth effectively

■ Reliable connectivity and management issues brought by the growth of cloud platform business

■ Service transmission is not graded optimized, wasting valuable long-distance WAN resources

Based on the agile and manageability of SD-WAN, Algoblu have built the full-meshed architecture with the guaranteed underlying dedicated line to meet elastic manufacturing needs.


Manufacturing enterprise customers can get the corresponding benefits from this solution:

■ Improve overall bandwidth utilization

■ Upgrade and manage remote devices in a short period of time

■ Hierarchical management of various business traffic

■ Guarantee agile operation management ability under network quality

■ Improve the business continuity of the cloud platform network


The network connection of service retail enterprises is very complicated. How to manage the network connection in a unified and effective manner is a difficult problem the IT information department of the service retail enterprise facing.

Service retail industry demand point:

■ Connection requirements for multi-branch nodes under rapid business expansion

■ Internet marketing bursts quickly provide redundant links

■ Cloud Service SaaS Application Connection Guarantee

■ Business fragmentation network slicing application

■ Unified management issues with complex connections

Through its self-developed SD-WAN technology, Algoblu provides a set of agile and centrally managed network solutions for customers in the retail industry to cope with the demand for network digitization.


This solution delivers the following significant benefits to the service retail industry customers:

■ Unified management of a large number of remote devices

■ Network resiliency effectively adapts to rapid changes in business

■ Rapid deployment of various categories of marketing campaign network connections

■ Improve the unified management efficiency of massive connections

■ Traffic classification management for user networks

■ Effective cost control


With the continuous advancement of technology, the IDC and cloud computing businesses in the IT communication industry are showing a significant growth trend. The large-scale application of new technologies such as the Internet of things, enterprise private networks, and enterprise IT cloudization brings new opportunities to IT communication enterprises and connection management issues for heterogeneous networks.

Using the SD-WAN network built with proprietary technology, we provide solutions for IT communications industry customers as shown below:


This solution brings significant benefits to customers in the IT communications industry:

■ Access guarantee for SaaS work service flow

■ Provide unified management of cloud platform virtualization security policies

■ Effective management of large numbers of heterogeneous connections

■ Cost control while maintain the growth momentum