Founded in 2012, Algoblu has established liaison offices in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and expanded business in North America, South East Asia and greater China. Algoblu is one of the first start-up in the world to engage in SD-WAN technology, product development and marketing services. Since its inception in 2012, Algoblu has been adhering to a simple way to build a flexible, controllable network that focuses on virtualizing network resources to achieve the flexibility and scalability that physical resources cannot, and can be programmed to perform complex logic control. Algoblu has developed EPL and EPN product based on the innovation of network resource virtualization technology, which is unique in the market has been recognized by customers.

At present, 5 rounds of financing have been completed, with a total amount of hundreds of millions. The investors are mostly western institutions with investment experience in the SD-WAN field. The company's core team members are from well-known IT and Internet companies such as Cisco, Dell, ChinaCache and 21Vianet. Algoblu has accumulated deep expertise in the field of SDN, SD-WAN, cloud computing, and collaboration communications. To present, there are more than 30 SDN and SD-WAN related technology patents have been filed in the US and China.

Algoblu has built up its SD-WAN backbone across the world with more than 200 nodes. Algoblu's existing hundreds of corporate users span financial, insurance, retail, telecom operators, IDC, gaming, smart transportation, e-commerce, education, sports, manufacturing and many other industries, including a number of the world's top 500 companies.