The Advantages Of Network Element Virtualization


Networking Services

Traditional siloed network architecture limits the services carriers and telcos can deliver. NEV technology virtualizes underlying network resources to unlock the value in carrier networks. Using NEV, carriers can deliver new connection-oriented, multi-tiered services with different classes of SLA.


Revenue Streams

NEV technology virtualizes fiber communications ports, so carriers and telcos can provide users with new multi-tiered, on-demand network services with independent physical resources, service isolation, different SLA levels, and end-to-end encryption throughout.



With NEV, telcos can manage network resources across infrastructure siloes to build new multi-tiered services. Delivered over existing access lines, telcos can now offer subscriptions tailored to the needs of specific applications, such as video conferencing, gaming, and industrial IoT.


Secure Private
Virtual Networks

Port slicing technology gives service providers the ability to deliver point-to-point private lines and private networks with end-to-end encryption. Services are physically isolated for increased security, and Algoblu’s private backbone allows telcos to isolate traffic from the public Internet.


Reduce Costs, Boost
Operational Efficiency

Granular resource management capabilities dramatically improve bandwidth/port efficiency. Compared to legacy architectures based on x86 servers with NICs, NEV chips decrease the cost per bit by a factor of 4X, while increasing operational efficiencies by 3X.

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